About Morse

Why Choose Us?

Our History

Morse was founded in 2002, and since its inception has been fuelled by a passion for design, innovation and technology.

Our Service

The Morse Team is always ready jump on a plane, and work together with our clients, to develop a project from concept to completion. We work to ensure that the end result of any project is delivered efficiently, to specification, and that all standards are satisfied or exceeded.

We are committed to developing the next generation of equipment for the power industry, and bring about a new era of safety and performance optimisation.

Our Promise
  • Put safety first
  • Develop innovative and technology driven engineering solutions
  • Provide cost-effective quality engineering
  • Develop collaborative relationships with our clients
Our Products

The Morse product range was developed in conjunction with some of Australia’s leading power companies, and has been established as a reputable provider of high quality, innovative and safe tooling, purpose built for individual needs. We continue to work collaboratively with our partners and clients to understand changes in the industry, fine tune our product range and introduce new concepts into the market.

Each product has satisfied a lengthy research and development phase and multiple prototyping. All of the products in the range conform to Australian standards, and undergo stringent quality testing to ensure that only the highest quality products are developed and offered to our clients.