Here to stay in the NZ market

By 15/11/2016Uncategorized @au

A huge thank you from all of us at Morse Power and our partners Stewart and Cavalier, to everyone who visited us at the Connection Suppliers Expo in October. We love being in New Zealand, and we are here to stay!

Since we started focusing on the NZ market in 2015 we’ve realised again how simple inventions can make a lot of difference to the guys and girls in the field. Last year we had a lot of interest in our pole stand and have been working with some NZ companies to design a new square pole stand to especially for the NZ market.

There are 5 reasons our Pole Stands caught everyone’s eye:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Durable
  3. Can be stored flat and are stackable
  4. Come with round or square top
  5. Can be operated by one person

Excitingly, it isn’t just companies in NZ who have found this adaptation useful. A huge shout out to Curry Power from Tamworth, an Australian company that competed in the Line Mechanic Competition during the expo, and used both our types of Pole Stands during the competition.

The Pole Stand is only one example of how we are committed to the NZ market.

So, if you want to carry the torch of innovation for the NZ power industry, and work with us to adapt our range, make sure you get in touch with our NZ agents, Stewart and Cavalier. This team has over 65 years experience in the industry and are our key to NZ.

Really looking forward to what we can work on over the next 12 months to bring to the next Connection Suppliers Expo!