Investing in the Future

It’s no secret that Australia is looking to improve its tertiary education system, so what role can the private sector play in shaping the next generation of working Australians?

Morse Power is committed to ensuring that Australia has a thriving manufacturing capability well into the future. To this end our Managing Director, Tim Morse, has been working with Deakin University to help partner students with people in the industry to enhance their learning experience and create commercially viable manufacturing solutions:

“Coming up with a super smart design is the easy part. The hard part is gaining the knowledge of the industry and the tools to turn the idea into reality.”

Additionally, Mr. Morse is active on a regular government round table discussion to help government understand the challenges and need of the manufacturing industry.

“There’s a lot to choose from, the manufacturing industry has had quite a few hard blows in the recent years… however if we want a future that is innovative and good enough to compete globally, then we have to start paying more attention to what is being taught at our universities.”

We look forward to working more closely with government and universities to help students funnel their enthusiasm and out of the box ideas into tangible products and processes that will boost Australia’s manufacturing capability.