May Your Year be Powerful

By 06/03/2016News, Safety, USA

Don’t worry this isn’t an update about how we have shaved 10kgs off our utility belt or how we are now exercising on the way up the power pole – although we could definitely design something for that – but over the last few months we made some New Year’s resolutions to ensure that we continue to bring you… more efficiency, innovation, safer products as well as ensuring that we have new ways to keep in touch!

Here are the five key things that we learned and will continue to do throughout 2016… make sure you keep us honest!

1. Travel is good

In the last 12 months we have solidified our reputation as an international power supplier with new major contracts in the United States as well as in New Zealand. In addition to new contracts, travelling has kept us on our toes, maintained our inspiration and allowed us to discover some innovative ways of doing things.
So wherever you are in the world, if there is a chance that we can work together to produce something amazing, we will come to you!

2. Sharing is caring

When we come back to Australia from our travels we never return empty handed. Between mouthfuls of amazing food and good company, we are always scouring for good ideas to improve the lives of linesmen back home. In the last 12 months we’ve designed a lifting davit, a new horizontal crab roller, a wedge removal tool and have a number of other products in the pipeline for 2016.

One of our favourite new finds was in Ohio. While finalising an agreement with Brenco, our Managing Director, Tim Morse, was awed by a Cable Drum Stand with a secondary roller payout system. With a few adjustments on our end to make sure this feature complimented the Morse Power Cable Drum Stand we now have a truly unique product. One of the major Australian power companies has already placed an order…

3. Showing off is sometimes ok

In October we trekked over to New Zealand with some brochures, sample products and our NZ distributors Stewart and Cavalier to the Annual Connexis Suppliers Expo. Linesmen, managers and procurement officers from many NZ companies were inspired by the efficiency, safety rating and ease of use of our products! Let’s just say we have a few more reasons to visit NZ now.

Also in true show off spirit… did you know we ended the year with a huge plant roll out for Powercor Australia? Awesome!

4. Marketing is not the evil we thought it was

We launched a new website, kicked off LinkedIn, branded our blog the Morse Power Hub and are now sending you the very first monthly Morse Power newsletter. In boardrooms everywhere our little updates have been met with great reviews so find us online and keep up to date!

5. Friends are important

In every good friendship there is recognition of what each party is good at. At Morse, we specialise in design, innovation and building strong customer relationships. This means that we need a friend who excels at quality manufacturing, who we can trust to uphold our promise of quality. We have now formalised an agreement with Redline Engineering that will ensure that while we are giving 110% to design innovative products for your business, Redline Engineering will be there to ensure your product is manufactured with the highest quality assurance and efficiency.

Thank you for coming along for the Morse Power ride so far, we hope to see much more of you!