Morse Power in collaboration with you

They say the seven most dangerous words in business are, “we have always done it that way”, and they’re right!

In the power industry, not only does this mentality hold you back from being an innovative and efficient operator, but it also puts the lives of your team in harm’s way by taking unnecessary risks.

In the 21st century we are all technology companies and here are some examples of how technology can change your business and the day-to-day experience of your team.

Take our Aluminium Pole Stand: Lightweight, durable, just as strong as the traditional tripod design, and best of all, is made to be operated by one person at a time. This product was designed to combat the ongoing safety concerns about manual handling in the power industry. Additionally, its flat pack design solves the storage issues that many companies face.

Or you can look at our Ampact Wedge Removal Tool: This was developed in conjunction with a leading distribution provider. In all businesses this tool has proven to increase efficiency and most importantly, this tool has transformed a typically hazardous procedure into a much safer environment.

At Morse Power we are always looking for new ways to make improvements and new partners to do it with. So if you are at work thinking, “wouldn’t it be great if…” call us now and let’s make it happen.

Apple started in a garage so you never know what we can achieve together!