Part No: ME-2.5TSL

Self contained trailer designed to load and transport 2.5 tonne cable drums.

2.5 Tonne Self Loading Cable Drum Trailer
  • Eliminates the need for conventional aluminium drive wheels (friction or geared) from the spindle arrangement, thus reduces instability and weight of the whole arrangement
  • The drive mechanism remains with the trailer framework
  • New innovative design lends itself more to a one-man operation, but the practical logic and safety considerations of loading a load of this nature supports consideration for a two-man team
  • Minimises the quantity and weight of components to be fitted by an operator
  • Ideal for use where the accurate control of the conductor is required, or where shock loads must be avoided during fibre optic
    cable or special installations
  • The drum drive mechanism is designed as a full dynamic cable tensioner, this unique hydraulic tensioner system is self-contained and provides smooth accurate control of the conductor tension
  • Designed with two independent hydraulically driven loading arms to ensure the drum can be picked up from an uneven surface, or from a position not square to the trailer
  • Easy to use pendant controls give you versatility, reliability and increased productivity
  • Jackleg Cylinder Interlocks – Prevents the trailer from being operated whilst not being correctly stabilised
  • Drum Positional Interlocks – Prevents operations if drum has not been securely positioned on the trailer
  • Lightweight Spindle Assembly
  • Manufactured to Australian standards
  • Supplied with a compliance certificate for registration in Australia
  • Riw assessment and operational manual
  • Contact us for the list of standard inclusions and additional options
  • Operation manual and risk assessment
Technical Data

Overall Trailer Size: 4300mm L x 2500mm W x 3200mm H
Weight Unloaded: 1600 kg
Rated Capacity: 2500kg
Maximum Drum Size: 2400mm Diameter x 1500mm W
Spindle Diameter: 82mm
Engine: Kohler Diesel Engine KDW702
Trailer Brakes: Electric
Finish: Galvanised frame, 2 pack painted other
Maximum Rope Speed: 50m/Min
Hydraulic System: Self-contained Diesel
Hydraulic Motor RPM: 10RPM
Fluid Capacity: Hydraulic Oil Reservoir: 60L, Diesel Fuel Reservoir: 30L
Electrical System: 12V (24V Solenoid Coils)
Suspension & Tyres: Heavy duty
Hydraulic Rear Stabiliser Legs: Standard
Tow Coupling: 50mm ball
Max. System Flow: 36L / Min
Input Power: Max 11.5Kw @ 3600RPM

  • 12 month Warranty
  • After sales and spare parts support