Part No: ME-SW2T

The stand alone 20kN Electric Winder is designed for overhead cable
winding and unwinding operations.

20kW Electric Winder
  • A lightweight aluminium frame with heavy duty galvanised steel drawbar and axle sub frame
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate safety screen
  • Split Drum and Collapsible Drum Included
  • Integrated diesel over electric generator. No hydraulics means no messy spills
  • More energy efficient than similar hydraulic units
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Safety chucks: Automatic drum latch control for safe loading and unloading of drum
  • Drum position control
  • Safety guarding including lockout gates
  • Heavy duty non slip FRP grating all around
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Tension and speed control
  • Manual and automatic winding with creep function for delicate winding operations
  • Operation manual and risk assessment
Technical Data

Mass: Tare: 3180kg, Max Aggregate: 3500kg (4 Wheel Drive)
Trailer Size: 6200mm L x 2450mm W x 3100mm H
Spreader Bar: 1.5T Capacity
Drum Size:
Max O.D. of 1000mm,
Max L of 775mm,
1500m of 16mm Dia. cable,
1200m of 20mm Dia. cable
Winding Capacity: 2 Tonne
Tow Eye: 75mm eye adjustable to 550mm or 650mm height
User Interface: 10” TFT touchscreen interface
Line Pull: Max of 20kN across drum 12/24 Volt LED

  • 12 month Warranty
  • After sales and spare parts support