Part No: ME-CS3

For multi-purpose cable drum storage and handling operations.

3 Tonne Cable Drum Stand
  • Multipurpose: unit may be used for the static storage, lifting and transportation of cable drums, as well as the unwinding of ropes, cables and conductors both freely and under tension
  • May also be used as a cable recovery unit in conjunction with Morse skid mounted power pack
  • Facilitates for both crane and forklift relocation, multiple tie down points for safe transportation
  • Smooth operation: Removable spindle fully supported on roller bearings which connect to payout brake for full tension control on line
  • Safety chucks and handbrake for safe operation
  • Twin cable drum drive pegs and split collars to suit different size cable drums
  • Operation manual and risk assessment
Technical Data

Material: Heavy duty, galvanised steel frame, stainless steel disk brake rotor
Mass: Tare: Approx. 850kg
Overall Dimensions: Unloaded stand: 2305 L x 2116 W x 1568 H mm
Spindle Diameter: 80mm Hollow
Cable drum capacity: Up to 2600mm diameter and 1500mm wide

Upgrade Options
  • Power rotator: skid mounted, petrol or diesel powered hydraulic power pack and drive
  • Connector kit: links multiple 3 Tonne Cable Drum Stands
  • Spreader bar: to facilitate safe lifting of cable drum
  • Spindle alignment tool: to assist with safe drum loading
  • 12 month Warranty
  • After sales and spare parts support