Part No: ME-SL3T1

A self-contained 5 tonne aggregate mass trailer, designed to load and transport 3 tonne cable spools, with 10kN winding capacity.

3 Tonne Single Axle Self Loader
  • Heavy duty trailer chassis and sub-frame, 5 tonne ATM, 3 tonne payload capacity
  • Enclosed drive components
  • Single axle and suspension system for maximum manoeuvrability, with spare tyre included
  • Air operated trailer brakes
  • Maximum drum size diameter 2400mm by 1500mm wide
  • Diesel engine and hydraulic power pack
  • 24V control system with solar trickle charge
  • Independent 12/24V trailer lighting system
  • Heavy duty loading arms with automatic mechanical locking
  • Adjustable rated chains on loading arms
  • Rear hydraulic stabiliser legs
  • Manual drop leg jack on tow bar
  • 10kN max winding capacity on drum
  • Payout and freewheel capability
  • Manually engaged spindle coupling to drive arrangement
  • Morse cable drum spindle assembly
  • Spindle to trailer lock system
  • Lockable operator console and toolbox
  • Safety equipment (triangles, wheel chocks), wheel brace
  • Safety and operational signage
  • Level indicators
  • Operation manual and risk assessment
  • Towbar mounted Capstan with 20 kN capacity
  • Electronic interlocking of spindle to trailer locks
  • Front hydraulic stabiliser leg
  • Drum Lifting spreader bar
  • Small split drum for rewind/light cable work
  • Customer specified drum bushing sizes
  • Fairlead arrangement on rear drawbar (note not applicable if capstan present)
  • Light spindle version for manual handling – 3 tonne rated but drum size is limited- must be minimum 1400mm wide drum)
  • 12 month Warranty
  • After sales and spare parts support