Part No: ME-CS6T-ESL

Electrically powered, self-loading cable stand for winding cable onto a wooden drum.

6 Tonne Electric Self Loading Cable Drum Stand
  • Electrically powered, self-loading cable stand for winding approximately 200 metres of diameter 48 cable onto a wooden drum (max dims dia 1400 OD x 600 ID x 800 wide)
  • Power supply is from locally available 415 V 3 phase supply, or alternatively 690V 3 ph with step-down transformer
  • 5.5 Kw motor and gearbox with variable speed drive
  • The lanyard, or remote control will have 3-5 metres of cable and the ability to control the speed of the drum, the speed of the fairlead
  • Maximum line pull and speed will be approximately 1300 kg and 18 metres per minute at the bottom of the drum, and 500 kg and 50 metres per minute at the outside of the drum. An encoder is optional to monitor rotation rate
  • As a loading alternative, a 3 ton forklift may be utilised to pick up the unit in the tyne slots provided, and sliding the stand appropriately underneath the drum (which has been pre-loaded with a spindle and sitting with the spindle horizontal)
  • Please note when winching, the cable stand must be suitably tethered down or otherwise bolted to solid footings in order for safe operation
  • Operation manual and risk assessment
Technical Data


  • 12 month Warranty
  • After sales and spare parts support