Part No: ME-CSB0.5T/1.0T/1.5T/3T/6T/8T/10T/12T/15T/18T/30T

For multi-purpose cable drum storage and handling operations. From 0.5T to 30T sizes available.

Basic Cable Drum Stand
  • Multipurpose: unit may be used for the static storage, lifting and transportation of cable drums
  • Facilitates for both crane and forklift relocation, multiple tie down
    points for safe transportation
  • Galvanized frame
  • Removable zinc plated spindle and a set of lockable split spindle collars included
  • Operation manual and risk assessment
Technical Data

Material: Heavy duty, galvanised steel frame
Mass: Varies depending on unit
Available Sizes:
0.5 Tonne 1.0 Tonne 1.5 Tonne
3.0 Tonne 6.0 Tonne 8.0 Tonne
10 Tonne 12 Tonne 15 Tonne
18 Tonne 30 Tonne

  • 12 month Warranty
  • After sales and spare parts support