Part No: ME-CR10

Designed for the recovery of cable onto wooden drums.

Cable Recovery Trailer
  • Trailer mounted cable recovery unit 2T gross weight
  • Hydraulically controlled fairlead system (manual control)
  • Diesel or petrol engine, electric start 11hp/8kw
  • Hydraulic drum drive (manually controlled)
  • Drum size up to 1500 diameter by 950 wide, approx. 500 kg loaded
  • 2000kg line pull at base of drum, 650 at top of drum
  • Max line speeds 19 metres per minute at base of drum, 58 metres per minute at outside of drum
  • Spindle with collars to suit various drum sizes
  • Mechanical spindle lock (manual) to enable freewheeling
  • Operator safety mesh
  • Operation manual and risk assessment
Technical Data


Durable steel framework
Eye/slipper suspension
Land cruiser stud pattern
Hydraulic override brakes
Mass: Approx. 2000kg gross
Max Drum Dimensions:
1500 diameter * 950 wide
Approx 500 kg loaded weight
Max line pull:
2000 kg (20 kN) bottom of drum
650 kg (0.65kN) top of largest drum
Max line speed:
19 metres minute bottom of drum
58 metres minute top of largest drum
Other Functions:
Drum freewheel capability via manually
operated mechanical drive engagement
  • 12 month Warranty
  • After sales and spare parts support