Part No: ME-CR2

A multi-purpose tool designed primarily for stringing conductors around corners or bends, may also be used in a number of different applications.

Crab Roller V2
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Designed to fit a number of various clamp top insulator arrangements, can be customised as required
  • Heavy duty, lightweight aluminium construction
  • Safety chain for securing unit to power pole before operation – minimises accidents and any possible damage that may be caused by dropping tool from height
  • Spring loaded safety latches for loading and unloading of cable
  • No additional tools are required for the operation of this unit
  • Design allows for the replacement of worn parts as required
Technical Data

Load Rating: 450kg
Material: High strength, light weight aluminium
Mass: 10kg
Overall Dimensions: 425mm L x 270mm W x 425mm H

  • 12 month Warranty
  • After sales and spare parts support