Part No: ME-EDT1

Vertical earth rod installation with rock drill attachment.

Earth Driver Trailer
  • 2 tonne ATM heavy duty trailer frame
  • Single axle and suspension system
  • 16” Land Cruiser rims with high load rated tyres
  • 50mm 7 piece Springs 2.75T Rating
  • ‘Willex’ 75mm Tow Coupling Hydraulic Brake Compatible
  • Heavy Duty Safety Chains with Hammer Locks
  • Wheel Nut Indicators
  • 6 Spring Loaded Tie Down Points
  • Heavy Duty Frame with 2.1mm Checker Plate Floor & Sides & 2mm Mud Guards
  • 75mm front drop leg and rear stabiliser legs
  • Aluminium tool box
  • Raised Aluminium (3mm) Chest Type Tool Box
  • 2 Mounted S/S rod Carriers
  • Mounted 100mm swivel vice
  • HE2000 Hydraulic power pack with 8 litre tank capacity
  • Max system oil pressure: Cylinder 175 bar
  • Airman Compressor
  • 12V Control system with Solar trickle charge
  • 12/24V Trailer Lighting System
  • Operation manual and risk assessment
Technical Data

Drill Winching (linepull) Capacity: 1100kg
Overall Trailer Size:
5000m long x 2500mm wide
Height of Mast:
LT265/75R16 123/120Q rating
Tare: 1.79 T Gross: 2.0 T
Max Pay Load:

  • 12 month Warranty
  • After sales and spare parts support