Part No: IS, ISK, ISK-MP

High quality Japanese borers.

Light Borer IS-LB50SX
  • Various models of the Light Borers as pictured below
  • Light Borer IS-LB30SX
  • Light Borer IS-LB50SX
  • Light Borer IS-LB100S
  • Vise Borer IS-LB25V
  • Vise Attachment IS-LBV II
  • Pipe Attachment for pipe boring IS-LBV
  • Water Solubility Cutting Fluid SC-2
  • Spray Type Cutting Oil
  • Solid Wax SW-35230
Technical Data

Material: TBA
Mass: TBA
Spindle Load Rating: TBA
Spindle Collar Sizes: TBA
Drum Dimensions: TBA
Overall Dimensions: TBA

Available Sizes:

  • 12 month Warranty
  • After sales and spare parts support