Part No: various

High quality Japanese rollers.

Flex roller ISS-3600
  • Various types of Japanese rollers as pictured below
  • Square roller ISH-80
  • Square roller ISH-110
  • Seesaw wheeler ISK-CBM300
  • Seesaw wheeler ISK-CB300
  • Seesaw wheeler IS-CBII
  • 3-wheeler ISK-3WH
  • 4-wheeler IS-4WH
  • 4-wheeler IS-4W
  • Corner Roller inner KD325C
  • Vice for corner roller KD325CB
  • Roller for rack 3 line ISK-L3
  • Roller for rack ISK-R1
  • Roller for rack ISK-R2
  • Roller for rack ISK-R3
  • Universal roller KD-1800R 1
  • Super wire extend roller KD325S-A
  • Moveable square roller ISK-MW110
  • Moveable square roller ISK-MW150
  • Multipurpose wheeler hook type IS-3W65
  • Multipurpose wheeler hook type IS-3W85
  • Cable sheave OW1
  • Cable sheave OW2
  • Cable sheave OW2S
  • Cable sheave OW3
  • Flex roller ISS-3400
  • Cable roller ISS-I
  • Cable roller ISS-II
  • Cable roller ISS-IIH
  • Cable roller ISS-IHL
  • Cable roller ISS-IR
Technical Data

Material: TBA
Mass: TBA
Spindle Load Rating: TBA
Spindle Collar Sizes: TBA
Drum Dimensions: TBA
Overall Dimensions: TBA

Available Sizes:

  • 12 month Warranty
  • After sales and spare parts support