Morse Power has been appointed as the Australian distributor of
all New Zealand Insulator (NZI) products.

New Zealand Insulators – Temuka, South Canterbury, New Zealand. Making porcelain insulators for the electricity industry since 1924 (90+ years old).
We own our own opencast mine in Kakahu and Mount Somers, and operate with low regional overheads. We’re flexible enough to make specialised products in short-run quantities. We supply a market that knows and trusts NZI product made in Temuka.

NZI Insulators and Related Accessories
NZI Branded Product

The NZI brand stands for trusted reliability. Product branded NZI means it has been manufactured by us, in Temuka, to a certified ISO9001 quality system, by New Zealanders.

NZI Branded products:

  • Reels & Spike
  • LV Insulators – 510/511
  • 11kV Insulators – Pin/Post
  • 22kV Insulators – Pin/Post
  • 33kV Insulators – Pin/Post
  • Guy & Fence Strains
  • Insulator Bundles
  • Station Posts
  • Standoffs
  • Lampholders
  • Connectors
  • Disconnects
  • Pole Mounted Cutouts
  • Fuseholders
  • J-Type Fuse Carriers
  • Busbar Supports
  • DMC Standoffs
  • Fastlug Connectors
Australian Distributor – Morse Power

Contact Tim Morse on +61 427 624 475