Part No: ME-CD-SC

Uniquely designed for the power utility industry to enable easy removal
of old conductor/rope from high capacity winders..

Split Collapsible Cable Drum

These drums are designed to handle the issues when conductor/rope has been wound onto a drum under extreme load and it is unable to be safely removed via splitting drum. The collapsible feature allows the base diameter of the drum to collapse to release all accumulated pressure generated from layers of conductor/rope compression during winding functions.

  • One removable side
  • Collapseable internals activated by winding hex
  • Lifting hook allowance on all ribs
  • Holes for strapping and cable tie strapping
  • Multiple end drive options on same drum – double square drive (pictured), square drive and round support shaft
Technical Data

Material: Mild steel
Outside: 1000mm
Internal Collapsed: 300mm
Internal Expanded: 270mm
Width: Outside: 754mm, Internal: 652mm
Maximum Spindle Dia: 95mm

  • 12 month Warranty
  • After sales and spare parts support